Book Reviews and Featured Book of the Month

  1. Jan. – The Genesis of Freemasonry by Keith Gunkel
  2. Feb. – Key to Freemasonry’s Growth by Dan M. Kemble
  3. Mar. – The Lost Rites and Rituals of Freemasonry by David Harrison
  4. Apr. – The Better Angels of Our Nature by Ryan Clendenin
  5. May – Measured Expectations by Mike Poll
  6. Jun. – York Mysteries Revealed by Rev. Neville Barker Cryer
  7. Jul. – Thomas Smith Webb by Herbert T. Leyland
  8. Aug. – The Master’s Book by Carl H. Claudy
  9. Sep.- In Search of Light by Robert G. Davis
  10. Oct. – Oak Island Knights Templar and Freemasonry by Orlando dos Santos
  11. Nov. –The Ethics of Freemasonry by Dudley Wright
  12. Dec. – The Men’s House by Joseph Fort Newton