Master’s Message

William O. Ware Lodge of Research


Welcome to the electronic home of William O. Ware Lodge of Research.

Our Lodge of Research has a storied history and a legacy of educating Masons in the tenants and mysteries of our Craft.

In the upcoming year, we will be focusing on rediscovering Freemasonry. Through my travels as a Mason, I have always been intrigued by the history and practices of this great Fraternity. As I have dug deeply into many “Masonic holes,” I have always wondered, and pondered, what we have lost to time. The rediscovery of these practices and of our rich history will lend its hand to helping us create a firm foundation of the true aim and purpose of this gentle craft; whereby, we hope to inspire and educate future Masons.

For any fraternity or organization to survive, we must leave a legacy that will continue to serve its members. Charity will be our legacy, but not in the sense of what we have come to believe in its current definition of physical or monetary giving. Rather it is charity to the profane through educating and building our Brothers internally so they may go out into society and create good wherever they may travel.

In all this, we will learn and rediscover this gentle Craft and by doing so, continue to cement those bonds of Brotherly love through education and discovery.

Enjoy the information presented on this site. Visit us at our stated communications held each 5th Wednesday, when occurring, at the Covington Scottish Rite Temple, 1553 Madison Avenue, Covington, Kentucky 41011. We have a fellowship dinner at 6:15 P. M. followed by our formal Lodge meeting at 7:30 P. M., eastern time. Our preferred attire is coat and tie.

Join us here, or in person whenever you can.


Thomas L. Nitschke II
Master, 2019-2020